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View Pruning

The Art of the View..........Before I came to Highlands in 1998 I would have never considered I had any artistic ability whatsoever. That is, until I got involved with view pruning. Years ago I coined the term “Living Portraits”. I have become a Forest Architect in that I manipulate the forest (and the “scene”) in such a way as to truly elicit an emotional response from my clients, and myself for that matter. 

Tree Care

Tree Inspections

Large Tree Pruning

View Cutting


Cabling & Bracing

Tree Surgery

Lightning Protection

Eco-Lot Clearing

For New Homes

Tree Surveys

For Land Purchases


Professional Tree Industry

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Phases of Tree Care

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For the Homeowner



I work with you, the homeowner,

and prune or cut down large and

dangerous trees around your 

property.  You, the homeowner, 

are responsible to do the clean 

up and disposal of all the 

branch debris and firewood.

!!!!!!!!SAVE BIG BUCKS!!!!!!!!! 

I pride myself in minimum 

impact on  understory trees and 

shrubs  and  have liability 

insurance  to cover any damage 

to personal  property caused by me.

Abandoned Tree Project

FREE TREE CARE: I am looking for big old abandoned community trees. These trees will be on properties where the homeowner cannot afford to care for the tree. The tree must benefit not only the landowner but also the general public in that it contributes to the neighborhood or community treescape. I will volunteer my time, free of charge, to prune the tree and, where justified, amend the soil conditions. The tree owner will be responsible for removal of all resulting debris.

High Angle Rigging

Cat Rescue

Drone Recovery

Paraglider Rescue

Helicopter Removals

Tree Houses

Aerial Walkways

Tree Swings

Bird Feeders

Wildlife (Bat) Boxes

Zip Lines

Tree Camping

Radio Antennas

Tree Downlighting

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I am equipped and prepared to respond to any emergency situation involving storm damage to trees threatening your property or life. Anytime...day or night...24/7